Dream Place To Work

Change my Bio a while, just remind myself, beside some “unpredictable” things happened I received many good things that maybe not many people have it..

already have a plan,after graduated?
I DO 🙂

I will say: “I wanna be a professional first”
I want to learn more in a place called “dream place to work”

There is one big company offered me a job, actually this is my dream company.. and my big bos offered me a position for quality..

I did several process of interview with user.. They appreciate my achievements, the way of my thinking.. but finally they cannot received me..

Because you’re still fresh graduated n experiences is more important than achievement in championship in CV

I failed compare to other candidate, exactly other professional candidate while I’m the only (closely) fresh graduate candidate..

At first, I felt down and one of my dream has flown away.. 😦
But I do believe there are many ways to Rome so do there are many ways to enter corporation

and,my 2nd dream company offered me a job.. and I made it to the final after several process of interview and MCU..

I believe, life is a never ending learning process, God said be patient and wait then you will get the best..

I keep my faith that I will get my dream place to work in the right time and in the right moment.. 

They trust me to work on that company..
Giving chances for what (is called) “learning by doing” for fresh graduate like me..

Alhamdulillah.. thank you for the opportunity NFI.. 🙂

GOD never slept..
he always watching over you,
looking what you did,
I just believe in the future i’ll be a GREAT WOMAN.. Amiin..

We’re just human after all..
Life goes around,up and down..
but to wake up or not it’s a choice ..

Dear whoever read this, life seems so hard but if you want to learn from your experiences it’s help you enough and
you’ll be better after all 🙂

keep believing in your dreams..


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